Presentations and Workshops


Kim can give a presentations or facilitate a workshop on the following topics: 

1. "First word to published book"

(Kim's personal road of Why and How)   

2. "Themes in Girl on the Edge"

     (Identity, self, belonging, alienation, coming of age, developing a social conscious and a moral compass, resilience)   

3. "Changes in adolescent behaviour" 

      (Comparing 1960s, 1980s to 2010s)

4. "Writing your memoir"

      (How to, why to, and for whom)

5. "Mental illness-A Lived ExperiEnce" 

      (Flying in the sky to drowning in the sea)  


Presentations and Workshops anticipated audiences are:

·       Adults interested in books

·       Writing groups

  • Teachers
  • Year 10, 11 &12 students (15 years and over)
  • Special interest groups

Presentations and Workshops are on a voluntary basis for around 60 minutes. 

Get in touch: Email: OR    Phone: 0435211522